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English Learning Cartoon Flash Cards

English Learning Cartoon Flash Cards

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Size: 8*11cm

Model Number: English Learning Cards

Material: Paper

Age Range: > 3 years old


Product name: 34 English Learning Cards for Children Children Cartoon Daily Behavior Flash Card Baby Early Learning Memory Game Toys

Fun learning resources to teach baby English words


Material: Paper

Color: As shown

Dimensions: 8x11 cm

How to play cards?

Blink, look, remember?

First, select a set of theme cards, then use the cards to flash in front of the child, and then let the child speak the word immediately, plus 1 point! If you learn faster than anyone!

If it is correctly identified, touch it and take it away!

Put the card in a pocket or box and let the children take the card in turn. If it is correct, you can remove the card, if you make a mistake, you need to put it back.

Finally, let us see how many cards have been accumulated in the hands of the child. You can set a goal, for example, if you have accumulated 20 cards, even if you win, don't forget to reward your children!

Look for it and see who finds the new word first!

Fan the cards you want to learn, make the blank side face up, and then say a word at random, let the children hand in the cards one by one, you can set the time, and you can pick up the word card when you find it! You can get a small number of prizes by accumulating a certain number of word cards!

Please note, what word was this position just now?

Put a few cards on the table and give your child ten seconds to remember these words. When time is up, they will flip through the blank pages. Children must rely on memory

Say the text on the card, then say it all, and you will get a reward! The gameplay can also test children's memory and attention.


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Horace Gaylord

Nice one. Thanks.

Laron Bernhard

Perfect 👍🏻

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